Learn 5G Today

Did you ever wonder, “How do I learn more about 5G?” Well, there are online courses to teach you!

As you all know I am a big fan of the 5G rollout that is coming up. I have been working on 5G deals in the past 6 months that will make 5G a reality for some carriers. The thing is, it’s going to be a technology shift. How can you prepare for this? Well, if you want to learn more about the tech side, I found a way to help you out.

Now, you can take classes to learn about 5G, but why pay full price?

I have teamed up with the 5G training company, 5G-Training.com, to bring you a discount on your first class! You can get 50% off your first training course. How cool is that? Just enter the code WADE and get 50% off your first class! Go to https://www.5g-courses.com/?ref=7104f7 or select a specific class below. Here’s the thing, 5G is coming and you can learn 5G or you can get out of the industry. There are going to be opportunities, why not see how you can fit in. These training courses are going to open up new doors for you. The sooner you learn about 5G, the better to prepare you for the upcoming work. We all want to get paid, why not give yourself a leg up on the competition by learning what you can now?!? Now, to understand how things progress, they have a brochure, but I want to sum it up for you. This is a real training course for 5G with prerequisites, so it’s best that you understand how to move through the classes. I got this chart from their PDF explaining the classes. You should take the primer to understand 5G. You can learn more from the brochure, go ahead and download it. It’s a PDF os your laptop will want to open it or download it, it’s OK to do either. Link: https://wade4wireless.files.wordpress.com/2018/12/5GTrainingPrograms_5G_Courses_Dec.pdf They have a big list of clients, all you need to do it look at who believes in this training, like Cisco, Anritsu, AT&T, Nokia, and the US Army. It’s reputable and going to prepare you for the growth of 5G technology work that’s coming. Here are links to specific classes.

Name Link
A Primer on 5G https://www.5g-courses.com/courses/a-primer-on-5g?ref=7104f7
Private and Enterprise Mobile Networks (WiFi vs Private LTE/5G on CBRS/licensed spectrum) https://www.5g-courses.com/courses/private-lte-networks?ref=7104f7
5G Engineering https://www.5g-courses.com/courses/5g-Engineering?ref=7104f7
Internet of Things in 5G https://www.5g-courses.com/courses/internet-of-things-in-5g?ref=7104f7
Fundamentals of Telecommunication Networks https://www.5g-courses.com/courses/fundamentals-of-telecommunication-networks?ref=7104f7
Towards 5G – Research and Standardization https://www.5g-courses.com/courses/towards-5g-online-course?ref=7104f7

Learn 5G today! Get ahead of the competition!


Thank you for your time and learning! We’re all learning as we go, any shortcut will help! It adds value.

Be smart, be safe, and pay attention!

See Ya!

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