Wireless Slowdown along with COVID-19 spells disaster!

Here’s the thing. The slowdown in the telecom industry is affecting larger deployment companies. 

We all know that T-Mobile is buying Sprint. This means that both companies are stopping work until they can evaluate the networks and future projects. We all knew this day would come but now it is here. 

This is part of what is causing layoffs across the deployment industry. This sudden uncertainty is causing larger employers to panic and invoke reductions.

For those of you that don’t know, reductions are layoffs.

So now we are suddenly in an industry that could not find enough workers 3 months ago to suddenly stop work. This is causing fear and uncertainty.

Here we are with this and Verizon and AT&T slowing down larger deployments and what’s left? A huge void where we expected to be short tower crews. 

Suddenly, we are seeing jobs pulled, work stopped, and layoffs. 

This is rough for the people in the industry.

I know the investors convince you it’s just business, but the reality is people got laid off and they are counting on support from unemployment for the short term. When you are the person sitting at home trying to figure out what went wrong, it’s hard to feel bad for the company nor the investors. 

You have to feed your family!

This is not easy for you but have faith. The work will pick back up. We need to hang in there for just a little while longer.

However, don’t be afraid to take a job with someone else. You can’t hole too much loyalty to someone who tossed you aside so quickly. Can you?

Be ready to accept a new challenge with a new company if you have to. Think about your family. Don’t be afraid to accept something new if you think it’s a good fit for you. 

Now we have the COVID-19, Corona-Virus, also causing shutdowns and remote work. This is another problem in the industry that directly affects the deployment teams. 

It’s hard to pick up the equipment if all the warehouses and back-office support is shut down or can’t show up to meet you.

The fear is that these guys travel so much, but they are generally at tower sites, not in the public venues. This is going to cause slowdowns and delays. 

How do you move ahead when you can pick up the product?

How do you assign work when the local governments are shutting down warehouses?

You can’t, you have to lay people off until the panic is over. 

Listen, if you can, hang in there. Maybe enjoy the time off and apply for unemployment. If your union, then get help from your local hall. This is a tough time.

Hang in there and know that you are not alone. Let’s see what government assistance will come our way. 

I’ll tell you that history has not been kind to telecom nor wireless. I hope all those 5G supporters remember all that wireless worker sacrifices. The travel, long times away from our families, dangerous work at heights, and low pay. 


It’s a tough time, all we can do is hang in here and support each other. 


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