About Wade4Wireless.com

Wade Sarver created TechFecta and Wade4Wireless.com to serve the wireless community. 

Wade worked in wireless for over 30 years, serving many aspects of the industry. From paging to cellular to WISPs. Even broadcast. Now, service 5G, LTE, and network solutions. Private 5G and LTE are emerging today! Currently an author, consultant, and solution architect.

TechFecta and Wade4Wireless.com services include;

  • consulting for private 5G and LTE systems, deployment, integration, solutions, smart city planning, and tech recommendations,
  • reports around system deployments to help asset owners and investors understand the trends,
  • business development and strategy around wireless integration and deployment,
  • tech marketing and writing, 
  • speaking engagements, author of many books, blogger and podcaster,
  • wireless business analysis of technologies, strategies, and deployments.

Using over 30 years of working throughout the industry to provide solutions and creating content for www.wade4wireless.com. The owner of Technology Advisory Firm TechFecta, www.techfecta.com.

Past experience includes:

  • wireless deployment,
  • tower climbing,
  • building tech departments,
  • macro, small cell, mini macro, and DAS,
  • managing large and small build outs,
  • solution architect for 5G and massive MIMO systems,
  • advised in business development and deployment strategies,
  • guided businesses and investors on the trends happening in the current and future wireless ecosystems. 

Wade served utilities, transportation companies, wireless carriers, leasing companies, REITs, OEMs, smart city firms and cities, as well as investors. 

Learn more by reading the posts at www.wade4wireless.com.

Wade’s background at https://www.linkedin.com/in/wadesarver/ on LinkedIn.

Reach out to Wade on LinkedIn or at Wade@techfecta.com or wade4wireless@gmail.com.

Twitter @wade4wireless, https://twitter.com/Wade4Wireless.


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