Mounting the RRH, what do you do?

Mounting the RRH can be a real challenge. There are many issues to work out. So if you plan it out in advance you may be ahead of the game. This is where the person who does the site survey should know what they are working with. You need to figure out how to mount the RRH before you take it up the tower. You also need to know how you run the fiber and power, up the tower. This all requires as much planning as mounting the antenna with its mounts. Remember that this is a system being hung in the air. This all needs to be considered ahead of time.

So, an RRH could weigh over 60 lbs, make sure you have a mount that can not only hold 60lbs but also the antenna, the cable, a box for the fiber splice, a box for the power slice, and the jumper cables. This adds up. You also need to lug it up the tower. You need to make sure it will hold the ice that could be built up on it. Will it hold in the wind? Does it connect solidly to the tower? Did you look it over? Watch those cable bends, there is a limit! Not too much stress on the cable, be careful! Remember that the structural analysis report matters! 

So here’s what you should do, make a plan. Know the tower, know the hardware, and then put a plan together. It is a site by site design. No one wants to do that because we all want cookie cutter solutions, so do the best you can to come up with the base design and then modify it to fit multiple tower. This will help you most of the time. You will always have one offs, but to have a standard is good. Maybe a group of scenarios would be better, like one for a building top, monopole, guyed tower, and self supporter. Maybe you have to mount some of them on the ground, like some companies have done it the past (see my examples below). If you have large deployment coming up think about your plans for the installation.

Who can you go to for help; you can start with your distributors like Hutton, Talley, and Tessco. They are a great place to start for help. Make sure the VAR (Value Added Reseller) understands what you are looking for. Maybe you need to reach out to Valmont or Commscope for support. Maybe the OEM has recommendations. Use your resources; find out all you can to prepare. Maybe someone on your team had done this before. Just ask, and then put together a plan.

Potential resources:,,,,,

 Some examples below.


RRH monopole mounts above from Valmont.


RRH tower mount above from Valmont.


Ground mount RRH.



One last example above.


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