Working hard to educate the wireless industry! Specifically LTE small cell and DAS deployments. Helping customers define strategies and tactics for wireless deployments.

Taking 25 years of working in the industry and using it to create useful information for  www.wade4wireless.com . Blog posts and podcasts for people to share the experiences of wireless deployment. This would include the issues of the industry about tower safety, site work, and installation. The industry is changing to we have to change with it. So I am currently specializing in small cells and DAS. The industry has so many different jobs in the field, from RF design to tower climbing to site engineering to project management to optimization. Deployment matters and having support matters. I work to provide some of that support.

We can all gain a great deal of experience by just sticking around like I did working in paging and 2-way in the late 1980s and all the way to 1999 Then building systems for wireless internet, public safety, broadcast, cellular, and more as I worked my way into the 4G world of LTE. I still love the systems I worked on but now I see small cells and DAS as a way to put all of that experience to good use. I changed my role several times, technician, engineer, tower climber, tower builder, system commissioner and integrator, manager, director, sales, owner, and maintenance. Like many of you that have been in this for a long time, you learn to wear many hats, mostly by necessity. Now I like to write.

The goal for creating Wade4Wireless.com is to help teams deploy properly and with as few mistakes as possible. Getting a view of end to end deployment really helps.  In my eyes, the ongoing education and learning helps for several reasons. Systems are always changing and processes are always improving. If we all work together and share this knowledge, then we can make this industry safer and smarter. We all need help getting to the next level, having a resource for that knowledge is a step in the right direction.

The wireless deployment teams see small cells and DAS as intimidating and new. I see it as a great new opportunity for the wireless deployment teams to create a section of the wireless ecosystem. Deployment steps for indoor and outdoor small cell and DAS systems is still growing at a rapid rate. So I have been working with teams to help them deploy efficiently and get over that learning curve.

Creating ebooks and training for the wireless deployment industry is only part of what I do. I have been serving this industry by teaching what I learn. I do much of the research and talk to the people on the front lines to let people know more about deployment best practices.

All aspects of the wireless deployment need to be looked at, from the RF engineering to the installation to the integration to the optimization. This industry changes very fast, so let’s get out front to make it happen!

Follow the wireless deployment blog at www.wade4wireless.com or listen to the podcast on iTunes or Stitcher I work to keep you up to date with the latest wireless information! Feel free to email me at wade4wireless@gmail.com for more information.

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Be smart, be safe, and pay attention. This will help you in your job. Learn all you can.

Let me know your pain points, what bothers you, and how I can help you.

Contact me:

Email: wade4wireless@gmail.com

Twitter: @Wade4Wireless

Facebook: www.facebook.com/wade4wireless

Blog: www.wade4wireless.com


G+: https://plus.google.com/+Wade4wirelessWorld/posts

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