Web Resources for the Wireless Field Worker

Hey, are you looking for resource websites? We all need a data sheet or a drawing or maybe a point to point program to help us out. I put a quick note together that will help you out. Remember that it’s up to you to plan ahead, so these tips may help you out when searching for a wireless solution.

Did you ever need or want some drawings for a piece of hardware. Well I found out if you use SitePro1 hardware they have a list of drawings on a website that you could go to and then get the drawings associated with that piece of hardware. Most vendors have this but you need the part number. For SitePro1 go to http://www.sitepro1.com/product-specs/ and click on the number you need and up pops a PDF of what you are looking up. IF you are doing a close out package or an offer, this is a good resource.

If you use Hutton Communications as your distributor then go to http://www.hol4g.com/rl/tl/tl.aspx and look at what they have. They are more of a point to point distributor but they will have antennas, hardware, and other tools to help you out. If you’re looking for a point to point analysis then they have several links at http://www.hol4g.com/rl/TS/hwdt.aspx and http://www.hol4g.com/rl/tl/HUtton-SupplierSpecificTools.aspx that may help you out. We can use all the help we can get.

If you buy off of Tessco then you can go to http://www.tessco.com/yts/systems_supported/outdoor_wireless_infrastructure.html and see what they have to offer. They put more of the information on their page, but it’s not easy to get the data sheets.

Talley Inc is another large distributor that has so many communication parts. You can go to http://www.talleycom.com/products/manufacturers.shtml and see what they have.

What if you want tools, safety gear, accessories, winches, and warm clothing, well then GME Supply Company is another distributor that has so much to choose from. They have a pretty good search engine. If you go to http://www.gmesupply.com/ and search for anything you will find mostly climbing parts.

If you need resources, then look it up. Chances are you can find something on it. Send me the information and I will look it up for you. I don’t guarantee anything but maybe I can help. I actually find a lot of stuff on Amazon as well, that why I put my links on my sidebar to the right. There are many ways to find the information you need, but it’s not always on the manufacturer’s website. You may have to search a more or just call the distributor. That is usually the easiest way but not the fastest way to get help. My link is http://astore.amazon.com/wade4w-20 and the search bar is on the left with searches already there.

Remember that there are apps, check out my blog, http://wp.me/p3OC6A-4S to get more information on those. There is an app for the climber to inspect their gear; iPhone – https://itunes.apple.com/tc/app/safetrack/id627535494?mt=8 Android – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.SafeTrack.RopeAndRescue if you’re interested.

I will try to find more but these are some good resources to get started with.

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