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I was talking to a friend of mine when he brought up cold weather gear. So I went out and looked over the suggestions I was given. Let me know if these are of any value. If you have any input, let me know in the contact form below. I am looking to get the word out to the guys how to stay warm. I have a feedback form at the bottom of this post so if you have some input, let me know.

I talked to some guys and they always wear long underwear and plenty of layers of clothing. One of the better companies with warm weather gear is Refrigiwear. I was told they are very warm. Most guys prefer to wear Under Armour under their cloths because it’s warm and it moves with you. I always had the traditional long johns and it did the job. One other thing is a good set of warm gloves. I would always wear a tight pair and a heavy outer pair. This worked for me and I could always work well with gloves. Many guys swore by Carhartt. They make great work clothing and good winter clothing. I had their insulated pants. I also had a pair of flannel lined jeans. I liked them and they were warm. Most of you probably had the coveralls that were insulated. When I was a kid I would hunt in them and then I climbed in them. I liked them. So you make up your own mind or talk to people that have done it. Don’t forget about the headgear. You should have a hat and a hood. I think you should remember the hood because of your neck and face, they need protection. Remember the footwear, again I would wear several pair of socks, thin and thick and sometimes a boot sock. My feet would still go numb, I am not built for the cold weather! You may think this is common sense, but I know many people that do not respect the cold. Cold can do so much damage before you know it. You may or may not heal from the damage, but all the same, why risk it. Remember, think about what you’re going to do and don’t be stupid!

Climbers: Remember that you need to wear not only headgear and gloves, but layers of clothing. Some say loose clothing to stay warm but that’s kind of hard when wearing a harness. If you’re in the air then do the best you can and keep a timer, be aware of your time in the cold and the temperature. Frostbite is a horrible thing. Your skin will turn black eventually but you need to be aware of what is going on with your body, especially the hands and feet. I know all you tower dogs are super tough, just don’t be stupid, it will have a lasting problems if you get frostbite. Also, I would wear layers of gloves, thin ones underneath and thicker ones on the top. I work very well with gloves but may people can’t work or climb with them. I think it should be required to work well with them. Make sure your radio and phones that you take with you in the air have a full charge when you start up the tower. This may be a critical lifesaver! Be prepared, don’t’ be stupid or regretful. Your life may depend on it. Be aware of the weather and wind. Think about what is coming in and keep an eye in the sky for bad weather, you have the best view. Talk to the field guys, have them keep an eye on the weather on their phones or laptops or good old AM/FM radio.

Field tech/engineers: If you’re a field tech then stay warm on the ground, out of the wind if possible. You have the option to work safely in your vehicle. If the equipment you’re working on is in an outdoor cabinet, which most of it is now due to $$$, then see if you can make a long network cable and work in your truck. I know some of you build tents to work but if the wind is kicking, then the vehicle is the best place to work. You at least have a choice on the ground. Just be aware of how long you are in the cold. Make sure your computer doesn’t fail in the cold because battery life can be affected. Keep the phone charged just in case you need to call for help. Be aware of the weather, you don’t want to get stuck.

One guy wears Under Armour winter gear under his clothing because it’s warm and it doesn’t bind.

I talked to another that swears by Refrigiwear gear because it’s the warmest he has ever found.


Under Armour and Refrigiwear:

On my Amazon store (I do get a commission, but if you find it cheaper somewhere else, save some money!):

Amazon: Under Armour and Refrigiwear and Work Gloves and Carhartt.

OK, do me a favor and leave your information below with a cold weather helpful hint. Any input would be helpful. Also, please like me on Facebook! I am trying to build those followers so I can get the word out to the most people that way.

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