Hey guys,

Update – Dirty Jobs did a video on climbing that I thought you all would likehttp://youtu.be/XvsELvzZV9o

I put some more video links up for you to watch. Let me know how you like the, Don’t forget to like my Wade4Wireless page on Facebook and check out the Amazon pages.

Thank you Matt Hinkle! http://youtu.be/uM99m0R_z9g

Thank you Sam Mayes-Mackensie http://youtu.be/wXZGySr1qlg

Thank you Rescue Methods http://youtu.be/lLAua782RSw

Thank you Gazetteonline http://youtu.be/VZQ4gf3DMJA

Thank you SedonaVideoTours, lineman rescue, http://youtu.be/GaEWHii_2IU

Thank you RescueResponseGear, Ascending descending rescue,  http://youtu.be/sDGliHEz1XM

Thank you RescueResponseGear, SPRAT Rescue from a ledge, http://youtu.be/XzFn3XrDE4Q

Thank you iguardcalifornia for Army Ranger Knots, http://youtu.be/bb7ZSQBn_MU

Thank you AccessTechniques1, http://youtu.be/xUDob3m6rds

Thank you AccessTechniques1 for IRATE Level 2, http://youtu.be/4zhSZ1RfslY

Thank you ClimbTime89 for the wind turbine climb, http://youtu.be/eSkxisRhPXI

By the way, I am putting a book together that will cover some basics, let me know if you think that is a good idea by leaving a message on the Wade4wireless Facebook page. 

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