Knot Nuggets

Let’s talk knots. This is something that I have been asked about and it is something I am going to cover in my next book. In this segment I am going to provide a bunch of links that lead to websites that show you how to tie the knots properly. Pay attention.

Knots are something that most of us think we know. I know a few, but not many. If you’re a sailor or work on boats or a rock climber you may know a lot more than the average person. Hey, we all know a few knots, but do we know what they can hold? Sometimes we know a good know that can hold weight and can be undone as easily as it’s done.

Also, don’t forget that every sharp bend, say one that you would put in a rope to make a knot, weakens the rope usually by 50% of the strength. Does it matter? Hell yes, do you want that 1000lb platform over your head to snap a rope? No, I don’t think so. Also, remember that they have termination bars. I am a fan of termination bars because they work but they cost money and most of the companies are too cheap to buy 20 or so for every truck. Also, some of you are too lazy to dig them out when you need them. Don’t deny it, most of you would rather tie a knot than go digging for a termination bar.

There is a great website called, go to and you will see an overview of their knots and how to tie them. I can’t share anything but the links with you and I will put them below. They sell knot cards that you can take with you and they have an app that you can use on your phone. A resource that I also use is Wikipedia, they have many knots on their pages.

Anchor Bend Knot

Backup Knot (Stopper Knot)

Barrel Hitch Knot

Blake’s Hitch Knot’s_hitch

Bowline Knot

Buntline Hitch

Butterfly Loop

Carrick Bend Knot

Constrictor Knot

Cow Hitch

Clove Hitch

Cleat Hitch


One more resource I found out about today was if you’re interested. They have a good paragraph on how knots weaken rope. Per the website,;

Knots Weaken Rope: Angles, kinks, and knots, stress the fibers unevenly and weaken rope. If this concerns you, you are using rope that is not strong enough. Some knots in some ropes have been claimed to only weaken a rope to about 80% of its rated strength; other knots can weaken some rope to as little as 40%. For safety, therefore, assume that even brand new rope will perform at no more than 50% of its rated breaking strength. And, if the rope is old, worn, or damaged by sunlight or chemicals – expect considerably less. For some useful test results visit Tom Moyer’s website for: High Strength Cord Testing, Euro Death-Knot Testing, and Rope Gear and Testing.

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