Tower painters, be smart!

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If you paint towers then be aware that there may be more dangers than paint dripping on your truck. There are studies out about the long-term effects of inhaling paint.  The good news is you will be outside and it’s usually windy when you do it. However, the risk is there. If you can make sure you take the precautions needed so you don’t inhale anything bad. When Utility workers were surveyed who worked with painted for a long time, here is what was reported. This is from a report in PaintSquare,

“The research examined memory, attention and processing speed in 2,143 retirees who had been potentially exposed to three types of solvents in their careers:

  • 33 percent had been exposed to chlorinated solvents;
  • 26 percent had been exposed to benzene; and
  • 25 percent had been exposed to petroleum solvents.

All three solvents are widely used in various products throughout the paint and coatings industry.

The workers’ average lifetime exposure was ranked as none, moderate or high, based on company records, the nature of their jobs, and on when their last exposure occurred.

Participants took eight tests of their memory and thinking skills an average of 10 years after they retired, when they were an average age of 66. (Ninety percent of workers retired between ages 50 and 60.)

Researchers also accounted for factors such as education level, age, smoking and alcohol consumption. They did not control for factors such as cardiovascular disease, diet or physical activity and concede that these may play a role in cognitive functioning.”

Remember that there are more hazards out there than falling. Falling is obvious, it’s the long-term hazards that everyone ignores until they are in the business for 10 or more years. For me it’s my rotator cuffs that just ache, what is it for you?

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