Cable Companies Should Deploy LTE Small Cells!

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I am reading all about the Wi-Fi build outs of the cable companies like Comcast and Time Warner Cable (TWC). I think it’s about time that they start building small cell LTE systems. They have the back-haul at their poles and the assets. Now they just need to commit to it. Why don’t they? I think the FCC will release the 3.5GHz frequencies soon so I think it’s time the larger companies commit to mobility, more than Wi-Fi.

So let me make this clear, Carrier class LTE is not Wi-Fi, got it? Carrier class LTE is a cell site, Wi-Fi is a hot spot, and there is a difference. If we could deploy small cells like Wi-Fi then it would be quick and dirty. It is not! You need to deploy a tiny Macro Cell, so there are many variables that I will cover in other blog posts. For now just understand that you can’t put LTE small cells just anywhere. There is more engineering and design involved. Ask anyone who has worked on the LTE macro cell, engineering and deployment are very important and need to be done very carefully. You also have device testing and lab trials, so much more that just turning on the hot spot and expecting it to work. Interference is also taken seriously.

So let’s look at how they are capitalizing on Wi-Fi, they are signing agreements with carriers to allow them to “roam” onto their Wi-Fi systems. Wouldn’t it be the next logical step to let them roam onto their LTE small cell systems? I think it makes perfect sense. They just need to get the bandwidth that is dedicated, not playing in the license free zone.

This would be great for the wireless workers that want to deploy Wi-Fi. The Site Acquisition that the cable companies have access to would be great. This would greatly improve coverage in urban areas and suburban areas. They could also improve roaming for carriers.

This is no easy road. To release a carrier grade system it takes patience, testing, and well planned deployments. They would have to learn to work through those learning curves. Then they would need to reach out to device makers, smart phone companies, and get their frequencies in the phones, and then go through all the testing for each device. I didn’t say it would be easy or quick but the sooner they get started the better for all of us. Then the cable companies would be a serious contender in the mobility market.

So think about the apps the cable companies could offer on LTE through their own system! They could offer you more on demand video than ever! This would be a game changer to have access to the content on any mobile device anywhere in the city. I know what you’re thinking, it’s out there now, but what about the data charges? Anyone worried about downloading a movie on the LTE system when they only have so much data to use each month? They would wait to get on a free Wi-Fi system before thinking about downloading anything. That’s what most people do; they wait until they are on free Wi-Fi, and then try to download all they need while it’s free. That’s what I do! Why pay the carrier more than you have to, maybe the cable companies could offer free zones when you are in the heart of their cities.

It looks like Comcast is already building this strategy, or at least they appear to be. The auctions will separate the men from the boys.

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