Beware! The Tick Attacks! Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever Interview with Kevin Kidd.

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{FYI – a poor boy fell, info at I added an updated link and I am still looking for more information and someone told me a name but I will not release it yet. I also heard that AT&T may have a CapEx freeze which would hurt so many people in the industry, info here and here.}

Beware the killer ticks, well, at least they can make you sick. Those silent hazards are out there wireless workers! So that little tick can cause huge problems! How about Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever to start. I did a story about Bruce Holsted that explained how RMSF almost ruined his life. Now I have another person, Kevin Kidd, who also went through a similar ordeal but less debilitating. He is a broadcast engineer. Listen to his story in his words on my podcast!

Kevin is a broadcast engineer that works at tower sites for a living. He suffered Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever (RMSF) and I asked that he share his experience so you know what to look for and recognize the symptoms in case you get it. Ticks are more common than you think so here is a good podcast to explain what happened to Kevin and how he found out he had this disease. Sorry about the audio but it was on his cell. Kevin is very busy and I am so grateful he took the time to talk to me

If you go to this site you will see a good explanation of the ticks and the disease. They also give hints on how to remove the tick safely and disinfect your wound after the tick is removed. Then save it in case you get sick. Put it in a zip lock bag or pill bottle and freeze it. This will give you something to take to the doctor and explain that you have a tick bite. That may help them diagnose the problem.

Kevin’s information is;

Kevin C. Kidd, CSRE/AMD

Some links that may help explain this tick bite disease.

On this one you need to scroll down to the article.

NATE has a Planning Advisory Notice (PAN) for safety, and the main page for all NATE PANs is here, if you’re interested. They have PANs for ANSI/TIA 1019-!-2012, Antenna Installations, Mounts and Inspections, FAA Aviation Obstruction Lighting, and Anchor Bolts.



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