Interview with Author Vicky Kaseorg who wrote “The Tower Builder”

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Alright, I had so many technical issues and the interview went so long I had to break it into 2 podcasts! They have both been released on iTunes, so please subscribe so you don’t have to wait. Also, feedback appreciated here or in Facebook. Make sure you tell everyone about the podcast so they can talk about what’s going on in the wireless worker’s life. 

Part 1 of the podcast is HERE. You can download it from there!

Part 2 of the podcast is HEREYou can download it from there!

However, Vicky was a trooper and although it comes out a bit choppy and my audio isn’t the best I did get the interview and Vicky is just full of information about the towers and the climbers in her book. She talks about Tony the Tower Builder and she also mentions some interviews with some other climbers that are crazy. It’s good to hear about how these guys have lived and worked as well as how someone like Tony, a good guy, could persevere throughout all of the hardships of the job and his life to come out with such a good attitude.

Vicky talked to so many people in researching this book. Her faith in GOD really shows in this interview and in the book because things just seemed to work out in here favor and she researched this story. She learned so much about WW2 history as well as towers as well as tower climbers. I really enjoyed the book. It was a 3 year venture that Vicky worked relentlessly to solve the mysteries of the tower and the beacon. Along the way she learned so much about American history. The Blaw-Knox towers and the WBT-AM radio station are very interesting.

Vicky originally became interested in the towers because her brother is a HAM radio operator. I call them HAMsters. I have so many friends that are HAMsters and you will see on their emails they always have their call signs below their names. They spend so much time getting on their radios and they play the game of trying to reach the most people the farthest away. Not only that but it was the original social network, the way I see it. They would talk to each other at set times to discuss radios and other interests. It is like the BBS services back when dial-up was common because digital text only bulletin boards were quite common for technical people. HAM radios were around before that, since the 50s really, and it was a way to keep in touch. Well, that will be another blog is anyone is interested in having me research that then let me know.

Vicky is such a nice and interesting person as well as a well-rounded author. I really enjoyed talking to her. She was so patient through all of my technical difficulties and I would like to thank her from the bottom of my heart. She has a blog at and if you would like to follow her there and her book “The Tower Climber” is on Amazon. Her author’s page is on Amazon. Barnes & Noble page is at if that’s more you’re style.

If you want to see more on WBT-AM look at and to learn more.

More on Blaw-Knox towers can be found at, and to see more.

So you think HAM Radio is neat, go to and learn the right way and then look at radios,


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  1. Amazing interview digs deeply into Vicky Kaseorg’s “The Tower Builder” . . . and gets the story behind this Amazon No. ! Best-seller. I learned a lot more than I ever did by just reading her fascinating true story. Re-reading it now will be an added pleasure!


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