Harrison County: Cable snaps killing a climber at 240′!

There has been an update, the cable did NOT snap, but it appears the block was pulled off of the tower. I don’t have any more details than that at this time.



Updated: The victim was Joel Metz, 28 years old, who was working on the tower around 240′ when the antenna fell causing a cable to snap. The young man was in his safety harness and safely strapped to the tower. Update via FOX59, link is below. Joel was from Indiana, Rest in Peace Joel. The site is being inspected by OSHA, Verizon Wireless, and Fortune Wireless.


Another sad and devastating day in the industry, a man working for Verizon on a tower with three other people died today. Two men in the air and two on the ground when the two on the tower were taking down a boom and something went terribly wrong. A cable snapped and killed the man at 250 feet in the air. They are working to remove the body but it is stuck up at 240’ in the air. This is all that I know so far. Here are some links to give you more news.

Remember to donate: Hubble Foundation!

Please let this end. I don’t know what happened but this young man was in his 20s. Rest in Peace, Joel Metz, 28 years old.

















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