Sadly, another fallen worker from a Water Tank.

Hello all, does anyone have any information of a fallen worker? It says he was 41 and he was working on a water tank at Ingram street, Brookhaven, Mississippi. The fallen worked for Southeast Tank and Tower. Any input appreciated. OSHA will investigate!

Updated, The new link says that John fell from scaffolding that must have been up 70 to 90 feet;




  1. My prayers go out to all the tower workers in the industry. It seems to be that it’s more & more incedents or even death going on. I pray that all my fellow tower hands stay safe and use the training provided to accomplish the finished work safely. Whoop whoop !


  2. I was told that the cable holding the scaffolding broke. John was wearing a harness but was not tied off. He fell 80 feet.


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