Fallen workers from Cell Tower in Norman, OK!

Update, new link http://kfor.com/2014/09/03/oklahoma-man-falls-100-feet-and-lives/

Update: Workers/climbers identified as Josh Harjo and Lucas Mullins are still in the hospital. Worker/climber Don Buffarini was treated and released.



Breaking news, there were workers, assuming tower climbers, hanging from safety lines on a cell tower in Norman, Ok. From what I read it was 2 or 3 workers who were hanging from their safety ropes on the tower. Details are still coming in but they were rushed to the hospital. Some reports say 2 workers were rushed to the hospital, 1 was knocked out.From Norman Transcript, “Norman Fire Deputy Chief Jim Bailey said one of the workers apparently passed out while working up high and others were attempting to help him” which means something must have happened up in the air. It is not known who rescued the hurt worker(s).


Apparently one worker got hurt at 120′ up when a rope broke, rendering him unconscious, then another worker climbed up to attach another rope and he slipped and got hurt. The guy on the tower tried to rescue his coworker but was descending too fast and went directly on a 20′ pole on the ground. All 3 were sent to the hospital and 2 had life threatening injuries.

I got this from Koco.com; “a person who was incapacitated about 120 feet off the ground on a cell tower near North University and Highland Parkway. When crews arrived, they said a man on the tower was unconscious. A second worker was trying to assist the unconscious worker to get him on the ground, according to Bailey. A third worker was also on the pole, but closer to the ground. The two workers began to come down, but were descending rapidly and hit the pole about 20 feet from the ground. After getting them out of their safety harnesses, the two were taken to OU Medical  Center with possible life-threatening injuries. The third worker was taken to Norman Regional Medical Center in good condition.

From News channel 4, kfor.com, “Witnesses say the force knocked him unconscious.The two men were stranded near the top of the tower for about 15 minutes while a third worker tried to get them down.As the third worker climbed to secure a new rope, the two men slipped again.”

Details still coming in.







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