Firefighters Rescue Climber Suspended 50’ up!

Hey, I owe this toInside Towers for the story. Yesterday, September 10th, 2014, Firefighters went to a tower that is disguised as a farmhouse near Cotati, Ca. Firefighter in Sonoma County rescued him after he fell a few feet, about 4 feet. He was suspended 50’ up in the air and his safety gear caught him. He was hanging upside down for a short time until one of his workmates climbed up and got him upright. However, his workmates could not get him down. So they waited around 40 minutes until the fire department showed up and rigged their ropes and pulled him down. The firefighter said they were practicing rope rescue earlier that day.


It appears he was moving from a pole to a catwalk. The guy is OK! No injuries from another near miss. So happy everyone is OK!

AGL Magazine:


RCR Story about NATE TFF:

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