Tower Rescue Training with Passion: Interview with Todd Horning

Hey workers. Did you ever take the time to know your trainer? I wanted to talk to someone about how they train tower climbers for rescue. I was lucky enough to interview Todd Horning, bio here, about climber rescue training. He spent some time with me to talk about what he had to do to get SPRAT 3 certified and about training and past classes. I was impressed with his experience and passion for ropes and knots! The guy really loves what he does. We did talk about the other rope group, IRATA, both great organizations that have done so much good in the rope access world. They set standards and share knowledge so people can be consistent, knowledgeable, and learn more about rope access. Todd has some good stories and some opinions about the people who come to class. He admits that he has to know more than his students on rescue training.

If you scroll down I have a video about Carabiners that may interest you.


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Todd works for Safety One, a training company that specializes not only in fall protection training, but they also have Survival, Safety, Snowcat and Winter training for anyone who may need to know what to do in these situations. This group dedicates all of their time to making sure you have someplace to go to learn to survive, prevent accidents, and rescue your fellow worker. This school does so much more than train tower climbers, they cross so many different industries. This training is for more than tower climbers. However, that is what I am going to concentrate on because most readers are tower workers.

Just because you’re not a climber you may still need to be trained. This is an industry where you could be out away from civilization, and that could be a rooftop where it’s in the middle of a city, and you need to respond to an emergency. Of course, the best thing you could do was avoid any accidents if possible. Now, bad things can still happen but when you are working in a dangerous environment there is risk involved. So the more training you have the better you can handle it.

Along with training you should practice your techniques. Practice will help you improve your skills. It matters.

So Todd is a cool guy that talks about the SPRAT training. He talks about the way they do the testing. They have the written test but they also have been knowledgeable enough to be tested by an independent person who comes in and drills them verbally and then they show their skills this is not something that you walk into and get lucky, you really need to know what you’re doing.

He also talks about his classes and what he has seen good and bad. Not everyone that comes to the safety class really wants to be there. Many people just need to get the certification. They are easy to spot because they don’t want to do more than they have to. They always admit that they only climb when they have to, not any more than that. Todd says that he talks to those people who really have to be certified but find a way to get out of training. For some people it is only another cert that they need to get to keep their job.Todd points out that there are 3 types of students, participants, vacationers, and prisoners. He understands that some people love it and some people just need the certification and some people feel they know more than he does.

One of the challenges is trying to keep the classes interested. Some guys have been doing this for years, 15 years or so, this is a crew that knows what they are doing.

If you want to learn more about Safety One training, follow their links. If you want to learn more about rope access then go to the links in here.

 Do you have an opinion on your trainers? Tell me how they did and where you got trained. Was it worth your time and the companies money?

Todd’s bio

Safety One



Introduction to Carabiners

Rigging anchors for balanced load.

By the way, NATE started the Tower Family Foundation and they already have $400,000, yes, $400K to give out to tower climbers families. I can’t wait to see where the money is going to go, that seems to be the one thing we are waiting for. They can do so much good for all the families we lost in the past 2 years!

Next podcast I interview a SPRAT 3 level trained climbing instructor Todd Horning of Safety One, cool guy and passionate about safety and rope access! His information is here.

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