Water Tower Worker Falls

Update – I am updating the podcast to clarify the facts. The family reached out to me and let me know that all the facts were wrong and that the guy was working on Sprint Spark deployment and that he fell 70′ onto an ice bridge and he was seriously injured! That is the last I heard. All 3 news reports were wrong and paramedics reporting in error. I guess that happens often. Now the good news, he appears to be recovering, he is home. I can’t say much more because the lawyers came in and hushed everything up. I know that the family is taking good care of him. He is a very lucky man to have so many friends and family surrounding him in this time of crisis. Let’s all say another prayer for him!

Podcast updated, so listen!

More information is helpful!

Update, I got a comment on this post stating that the fallen worker was in serious condition and that he fell 70 feet, not 30 feet.I do apologize, but all I have is the news articles to look at.

He is alive and recovering in the hospital. Let’s say a prayer for him so he recovers quickly!

Here is the comment: “Did you even do ANY research on this story at all? Perhaps you should get your facts straight. The gentleman who fell was a tower worker, working on Sprint 2.5 that night. He did not fall 30 feet, he fell 70. “Other than leg injures he seemed to be ok”… How about, add a lacerated spleen, broken feet, his pelvis is broken in several places and massive soft tissue damage, contusions covering his body, and a separated shoulder. May I add, the reason for the fall is unknown but zero climber fault was found. You really do the news a disservice when you jump to conclusions and post lies. You should think about how this would make the man feel that as you state no one knew what he was doing… Except his tower partner working with him who saved his live and called 911, the company that sent him on the site.?”

Now, I don’t have any news reports to back this up. I have asked the person who left the comment to respond. If anyone has any news, please, let me know. Contact me at wade4wireless@gmail.com or fill in the comment below. 

A water tower worker fell about 30 feet from the water tower he was working on in Mill Creek, De.This happened around 8:00PM last night, 10/8/2014. He was working late and no one is sure what he was doing. He is alive, he had several leg injuries. New Castle County paramedics found this 28-year-old man on the ground and other than the serious leg injuries he seemed to be OK, awake, and alert. They took him to Christiana Hospital.

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