Two Water Tank Painters Died When Scaffolding Collapsed 100 Foot Up

Men identified! Butler County Coroner’s office said that Gazmend Vukaj, 40, of Novi, and Florjan Milaj, 25, of Farmington.


On Friday, October 24th, 2014. Two men were Sand Blasting a water tower in Butler County, Ohio, when the scaffolding collapsed, they were painters working the tower. This was a scaffolding accident and these guys were painters working on the water tank. They were about 100’ up in the air when this happened. The water tank was surrounded by scaffolding and was covered with tarps to prevent the sand and paint from blowing too far. Both men worked for a painting company.

The two were contracted by Southwest Regional Water District through Farmington Hills, Michigan based V&T Painting LLC.

I hesitated to report this because they were not communication workers although it was a terrible accident while working at height, and their families have my deepest sympathies. They were painters. This was a scaffolding accident, OSHA is investigating. I had so many questions on this that I thought I would send out something.


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