Man Dies from 100 foot Tower Fall!

Update! The man was working with a 3 man crew, he was about 105 feet up, he was from Sumter, SC. His name was Allen Lee Cotton. Neither of the other workmates saw the fall, one was above Allen working and the other was in the truck on the laptop. The accident happened just before noon on December 18th. The men were all employed by Central USA Wireless. No details on what happened just yet.

OSHA has been notified! OSHA will investigate with State law enforcement.

Another climber fatality has happened! This time in Greene County, TN. Late this morning there was another fatality. I just found out from Liz Day! The man fell 100 feet according to Robert Sayne, local EMS director, on West Vann Road. PODCAST HERE!

This is # 12 for the year, so sad.

What do you know?

Thank GOD for the Hubble Foundation! Click on the picture below to donate!

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