Worker rescued from Cell Tower in Ann Arbor

Hey everyone,

On December 30th outside of Ann Arbor, Michigan, there was a climber that had a medical issue and he had to be rescued. The climber apparently had a medical issue over 100 foot up on the tower. Luckily his workmates got him down from the tower but they had to wait for rescue to come to treat him.

First off, let’s say a prayer that this all turned out fine and everyone is alive and well! A quick podcast is here.

Several fire companies showed up. One from Ann Arbor, another from Scio Township, another from Dexter township and finally the Tactical Rescue team from Washtenaw county.

It was pretty cold, about 24 degrees Fahrenheit when they work working. Now the article says that they took 2 men to the hospital, so I am not sure if another was injured in the rescue.Apparently the one guy got stuck and his coworker tried to help him.

Any information would help, please. There is a link to the article below!

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