2 injured in Tower Collapse!

Updated 2/2: According to Frank Dirico, President of Viaero Wireless, the tower did not have a section collapse, but rather the men were working on the cell array on the ground when it blew down on them, for more go to Inside Towers at http://insidetowers.com/nebraska-tower-didnt-actually-collapse/

Updated: OSHA will investigate the Viaero tower accident. They have been fined before, this is something that OSHA can not overlook. Viaero previously paid fines of  $125,000 after losing an employee to a previous tower accident.


2 people were injured when a tower collapsed around noon local time today. The 2 man were trapped under a Viaero cell tower near Avenue R and Overland in Scottsbluff, Nebraska. The tower was under construction when apparently the high winds of 15 to 25 mph with gusts up to 50mph caused it to topple. A spokesperson on site said that they men were making repairs on the ground when a piece from the tower came down due to high winds. Initially they said that they were 10 and 20 feet in the air when the section blew over but later it was reported they were working on an antenna array on the ground. Apparently the men were trapped under the section that blew over when emergency workers got there. Another report says the men were working on an antenna on the ground when the section blew over and hit them on the found. Either way they were trapped when the fire department got there.

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The Scottsbluff Fire Department responded to the scene and treated the men.

One man suffered a leg injury while the other had a shoulder injury.

The Viaero spokesperson, Mike Felicissimo said that the men were working on an antenna array on the ground when the wind caused the section to move.

Both men are doing well and they are in good spirits! Great news!

Cellphone tower collapse







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