Feedback from “How do You get Paid for Change Orders?”

This is feedback from my post “How do You get Paid for change orders?”

Comment: Well done, Wade. So many small companies don’t pay enough attention to being paid fairly, and of planning cash management around it.

Response: Thank you, I wanted to do what I can to be sure people get paid for change orders. Many crews tell me they don’t get paid, which really stinks because they are doing the customer a favor by doing the work and completing the job. Many PMs feel that it’s not their problem, if the tower crew walks off the job, chances are they will call someone else to finish the job and not pay the first crew. It is a real issue.

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Comment: This was a great piece. It seems like a simple enough process, yet, a lot of companies suffer because they don’t follow these simple rules. The day of so and so said it was OK to do the work is over. Document everything and always keep good records. Thank you for making this process easy to understand and abide by.

Response: Great point, if you plan ahead and have a change order process in place, document all the work and changes, take pictures, then chances are much higher that you will get paid. It pays to be organized.

Do you have an easy way to make sure you get paid? Share the knowledge!

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