Safety Alert! OSHA Needs Your Help!

For all of you that say OSHA doesn’t care, you’re wrong! I have proof, well here you go! They released a Request For Information (RFI) to get the feedback of all of you climbers! All of you climbers that care enough to take the time to respond! The official FCC information is here and the PDF is available here.

However Wireless Estimator came up with a way to make it easy on us to fill out the form. They have an overview here. I am going to go through it for you so you understand what is going on. The link is HERE and let me walk you through the process. If you click on the link then you will see that Wireless Estimator has compiled the questions for you. They also are going to let you look at other people’s answers as well. You will not see their names but you can see what other people said. It may help you modify answer or totally disagree.

So for all of you that say OSHA is not listening, here is your chance to take action! This is your chance to help shape the industry. All I ask is that you give a professional and fair answer. You can’t say you disagree or agree with no explanation. This is your chance to contribute, no excuses. OSHA has more information here.

Now, let me go over the web page and how to enter questions. When you answer the questions and give your input, remember, be concise, be professional, base your reasons on experience and evidence and how it will impact you, and make sure your answers are sound. If you want to see a website on how to respond go to and see what the feds recommend that you do.

OK, now the website overview. When you go to!/section/1/questions you will see that the sections are broken out on the left, I have a picture below. You will see the sections to the left and the questions in the center. Make sure you complete each question that you are prepared to answer. Now remember that you will be able to enter good information and if you enter a crap answer that it will be flushed!

Screen Capture

I would recommend answering only the questions you are qualified to answer, don’t try to suggest something for a section that you are not qualified to work in. Make your answers count, but don’t feed a line of crap, be truthful, honest, and give a great suggestion.

There is the overview in the beginning to tell you what each section encompasses. You have the following sections:

  1. Question for Tower Climbers
  2. Training and Certification
  3. Suitability for Work
  4. Hazards and Incidents
  5. Contracting and Work
  6. Economic Issues
  7. Tower Design
  8. Regulatory/Non-Regulatory Approaches

Do the best you can, make it count, and you will play your part in shaping the industry by informing OSHA what to do and how to make progress in saving climbers lives. That what this is all about! Saving lives and making sure that qualified people are doing this job! Do you get it? This all depends on you and your participation. So be a professional and contribute to the industry that you work in.

Don’t you want to make a difference at OSHA that could affect all climbers? It’s up to you!

Be smart, be safe, and pay attention. This is your time to shape the industry, don’t waste it with regrets!

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