Is there Anonymous Support for the Tower Climbers Union?

I just thought I would write something about the recent video posted all over Facebook showing support for the tower union from the group known as Anonymous.  The only thing is it appeared on a YouTube channel where there is only one video, almost like it was created especially for the tower climbers but outside of Anonymous. While a group of tower climbers are banding together to create a union, they seem to have attracted some attention from someone, although I am not sure it is truly the Anonymous group. Anonymous is an interesting group which often points out problems that arise in the society affecting the underdog. The tower climber’s union is s an underdog right now. They are working to unite the climbers, which is very hard to do because most companies that have tower climbers generally only have 4 to 8 climbers under their employment. It’s hard to organize a large group that way. That and some work under the IBEW or the Ironworkers unions already. It will be an uphill battle.

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All this started and then OSHA released the RFI, which I think is great but apparently many climbers don’t have time or don’t want to tell OSHA how to help the industry. This is a step in the right direction. Many climbers want the union because they think it will not only help safety but add stability to a very hard industry to work in.

Here is the video that I was talking about.





  1. Wade, I wholeheartedly agree with your supposition that the true “Anonomous” group is not behind this video (they would have been mich more professional and strong (not vulgar and threatening). Please connect this week as I hope to share what I feel may be a step in the right direction for all wireless workers; regardless of crede, union, color or gender… QRedentials is Patent Pending and launching soon! -Cliff

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