Top Performing Carrier Markets

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I don’t know if you know but there is a really cool service out there called Root Metrics. They have a website that shows the top ranked cities for cell coverage. Believe it or not, Atlanta and Chicago are #1 and #2 respectively. For the 2014 results go here.

So when they say best coverage overall, they are looking at all the carriers. In Atlanta, the #1, Verizon and AT&T tie for tops but Sprint and T-Mobile did quite well. This is a tough battle to win because they are all so close.

So to round out the top 10 best:

  1. Atlanta
  2. Chicago
  3. Knoxville
  4. Nashville
  5. Jacksonville
  6. Port St Lucie
  7. Milwaukie
  8. Memphis
  9. Cleveland
  10. Lansing

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So now let’s look at the bottom 10, so if you live here you may have problems, I don’t know.

  • 115) Des Moines, Ia (best of the worst) 
  • 116) Bonita Springs, Fl
  • 117) Bridgeport and Stamford, Ct
  • 118) Denver, Co
  • 119) Lancaster, Pa
  • 120) McAllen, Tx
  • 121) El Paso, Tx
  • 122) Colorado Springs, Co
  • 123) Omaha, Ne
  • 124) Reno, Nv
  • 125) Hudson Valley, NY (Worst market in USA, #125 in all the markets measured by Root Metrics) 

Before you get mad about the worst cities, chances are they may have backhaul issues in those cities or there may be another reason. I just don’t know. I will say this, in Reno T-Mobile ranks #1 and Verizon #2, so what is up with that?

In Hudson Valley AT&T ranks #1 and Verizon #2, and I don’t know why because it is fairly close to NYC.

What they do is create a list for overall performance. They also compare carriers for performance in different cities, to see how they rank, go here. You can see that Verizon is clearly the top dog but dog-tags_clearbackgrondAT&T is coming up fast. It also depends where you live, because T-Mobile does very well. What you need to do is click on the city and then it will show you the winner and you can click to go to the next page to see how close they all came.

When you go to the report scroll down and you can see the individual results, reliability, speed, data, calls, and test. For instance, if we check out Harrisburg, Pa, you see that Verizon is #1 overall. They win for reliability, network speed, and data. For calls it is a 3 way tie between Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T. For text, Sprint wins but not by much.

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Curious about Miami? Verizon wins overall. They also win for Network speed and data. The calling is a 4 way tie but in text T-Mobile wins!

Denver? Verizon overall but Sprint wins Network Speed!

Be smart, be safe, and pay attention!

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