Fallen Climber in Summit Park, Harrison County!

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Another fallen climber, this time working on a cell tower in Summit Park, he was flown to Ruby Memorial Hospital with a head injury and they say he is in stable condition. There is no farther update that I can find. No word on who he was working for. Apparently this happened Friday, September 11. This is sad news for West Virginia, to have another accident but this seems to be turning out better than the tower collapse 18 months ago. 





new link: http://www.theet.com/news/local/man-injured-in-fall-from-summit-park-cell-tower/article_8337322b-589d-5c6b-a242-168af83f6be7.html


official logoI am asking you to help the Hubble Foundation because if you don’t help these families, who will? What if it were you? Would you want help? Who would help you if you were hurt? Who would help your family, your spouse, your children if something happened to you? Do you see the people who are hurt? Click here to learn about the wonderful work they are doing. Please support hurt climbers and their families by donating to the Hubble Foundation. Show you care for people in wireless. Not everyone has a safe job in deployments. The Hubble Foundation helps support the people who get hurt building the wireless systems that the world relies on.

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