Can We Catch the Copper Thieves?

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Thieves! I know that all of you have heard of the copper thieves and how 98% of them get away clean. The exception is the husband and wife team that stole batteries. Well, I talked to Craig Moran, sales manager at UAS, who says he has the answer to catching the bad guys once and for all.

Here is the problem, someone goes on the site and they steal anything copper (or valuable) that they could take to a scrap yard and sell. Copper draws a higher price so they look for clean copper. Then when you get an alarm or get to the site, you realize that your site has been robbed of all the copper. This causes you to worry about the next storm that goes through with lightning. That could destroy your equipment because the grounding is gone. Not to mention noise and interference and general grounding issues. You need to worry about the price of the hardware and the labor to replace it all. Those scumbags just vandalized your site, your property, and cost you thousands of dollars just so they could have beer money. Let’s make them pay! But how? Read on my friends.

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We have painted and tarred the copper to protect it. This works for most but you always have the idiots that try to cut the power lines or rip out the ground arrays because they have plenty of time at a remote site with no one watching it. Let’s face it, not many people are going to pay a security guard to watch the site, especially since they may be one of the culprits to show up later.

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So what service is out there that could help us out? Well Craig called me to tell me that they have a solution. It isn’t free, so get that out of your head. It is a combination of motion sensors, surveillance video, and a remote monitoring service that monitors the video to make sure there is a human at the site. If an animal sets off the motion sensor, then you will not be bothered, but if someone unauthorized is out there, then the police get a call. They would need to work with the NOC because if the person on site checks in then there is no problem, just a video of them on site. The service alerts the police when someone does not sign in and they enter illegally. Then the service would alert the owners or the police, whatever they are told to do. Then, in theory, the police would go to the site immediately to catch the bastards stealing from you and ruining your site!

This videofied is designed to catch criminals, via a high priority police dispatch. This works best in an on/off environment. Either you should be there or you shouldn’t.

Here are some pictures of what it would look like.

UAS motion sensor camera on tower (6) unnamed (5)

UAS Information

  • Video to the Central Station for review and dispatch – Monitored Video Alarm
  • Other video solutions ISOLATEthe video from the central station.  ONLY viewed by owner. Usually the next day! Too late!
  • Most video cameras sold with alarm systems are NOT monitored at Central Station and    do not deliver faster police response.
  • Self-Surveillance NOT video verification.

UAS Texas Stats

For more information contact Craig Moran, UAS, Sales Manager, 800-421-6661 ext 1283,, UAS has been around as an integrated security company for 43 years, so they are not new.

Be smart, be safe, and pay attention!

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Tower Safety 480-313-0678

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