Tower Industry Suffers Another Loss

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Update: Radio World did a nice article about looking into what went wrong. Also, the funeral is October 27th in Evansville, Ind.

Update: Radio World did a nice dedication to Ernie here, Ernie had his lanyard attached to the tower when he started back down the tower in the elevator and it apparently it pulled him to the ceiling of the elevator and suffocated him. To learn more about Ernie click here,

Update, I read in Wireless Estimator that Ernie went back to the site alone to do an inspection and was in the elevator, and he was tied off to the tower when the elevator descended. Details are still not out. Elevators are supposed to be locked if the gate or door is not completely closed, but many people bypass the switch or the switch breaks and they bypass it. I really don’t know what happened with the elevator in this case, all I know it that it’s very sad. 

A well-known climber died today in a tower climbing accident, a great loss for the tower climbing industry.

I need everyone to pray and say a blessing. I am getting unconfirmed reports from many people in the industry that Ernie Jones, someone who is not only respected in the industry but helped write the standards for tower climber safety, died in a tower accident on October 21st. I’m told he had an accident in the tower elevator of the tower. The crew had found him when they returned. I am still getting the details.

Ernie Jones was well-respected and loved in the tower industry. We will all miss him and we are all sad for his family and all of his friends this day. He will be missed as he was loved.

The News story from Channel 5 in Oklahoma City is here, the Channel 5 tower is where this happened. It was KOCO’s tower and authorities are looking into what happened, there are rumors but nothing has been confirmed. 


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Pay attention to be smart and be safe!

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