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I know all of you are used to me talking about wireless. The thing is, I don’t think many of you understand the potential beyond the carriers models. 

I decided to start a new blog series about tech ideas where CBRS and PLTE would work.

The thing is, if it’s IOT, it can use a lot more than one wireless technology. What your smartphone does is rely on the carrier’s spectrum unless you’re home. 

Oh, the rise is bandwidth did not affect the carriers as much because they offload to the cable companies or whomever your ISP is in your home. They’re not stupid, why waste their backhaul when you have Wi-Fi at home or even at the office. 

If you want the carriers to notice the issue, turn your Wi-Fi off in your smartphone and see what happens. Then they will feel the pain. 

The thing is, the carriers made out really well during the COVID crisis. All because they offload.

What if we could do that with PLTE and LoRAWAN? That is something to think about. While we all love Wi-Fi, it has limits. What if we could take all of the technologies and use them to solve problems in different industries?

COVID Human Temperature camera sensors

I am working with a group, actually, two or three, that need to test people’s temperature before they walk into an office or a building. 

The pain point is how do they check everyone’s temperature without being invasive?

I have a solution! Using In-Depth Camera,, we can put cameras around and connect them back to the server room, where some servers are sitting, and detect everyone’s temperature in real-time. If there is a threat, like a really high fever, it can be detected. 

It can be monitored by a person or we can put some AI in there. 

The connection between the cameras can be either wired (CAT5) or wireless (PLTE or Wi-Fi). I have pros and cons for each model.

Also, the mode we have been putting together is not always permanent. We can put in tripods or we can mount the cameras permanently. 

It all depends on the need and use case. For instance, stadiums ramp up and down, so they could add additional cameras for an event while a store or landlord may want to have everyone monitored all the time. 

Think about it, the three simple components are cabling, cameras, and servers. Then, you could add the monitoring as a service. 

Insect Tech Drones

I am looking at a model where we use drones and special cameras from Fauna Photonics cameras and AI, we can detect insects in fields, or forests, using drones and cameras. 

Why does this matter? Well, here is the pain point. 

Farmers pay a fortune for insecticides, they basically kill everything. The issue is they may or may not have every kind of insect in their crops. They may also have bees, which are a good bug, that they are wiping out with the insecticide. If they could only know what pests and good bugs are in their crops.

Oh, by the way, these could be fruit or vegetable crops. Maybe even animals that get infested with ticks and fleas. 

Farmers are already using drones to track moisture in the ground. Well, here is another use for drones in Ag-Tech.

The insect detection goes way beyond what is there today and tomorrow. By tracking more and more farms over a period of time you can trace pests as they migrate.

Not just pests but also bees which are helpful and you want to be there to pollinate and expand your crops. 

Not all bugs are bad! This is a solution to let you target the enemy, the real enemy without collateral damage. 

Cameras have come a long way and with the new FAA rules, this could be a good business, even if it’s as a service instead of a package.

Power Line Inspections

Here’s the thing, most utilities wait for complaints before they know if a power line has issues. They won’t admit this but the inspection of power lines is expensive and very dangerous. Like high tension lines are just plain and simple deadly. What person wants to look up close and personal at a line w=hich may or may not have kilowatts of power going through it. 

Here’s the thing. If they can send out a drone over the acres of land to check power lines, specifically high-tension high-voltage lines then it’s a win-win after a storm. 

While you may not be thinking about this every day, I am sure that the power companies would love to see the problem before the dispatch someone. Why? Because then they know what is needed. 

Most of you probably don’t get field service, but let me lay it out for you. If the drones can be dispatched remotely then they can see the problem before the repair team gets dispatched. Why is this valuable?

Let me educate you grasshopper!

The crew may or may not have the equipment to do the repair in their truck. If they don’t, guess what, the crew has to return to the shop and get the correct material.

This means a remobilization fee and another day in the field and possibly hours of additional downtime.

Oh, all bad.

If only the drone with a camera could show them specifically what is bad. If a transformer blew, then the crew can pick up a replacement on the first trip, not the second. 

If the line is down then they can bring the splice kit.

If they need 10 splice kits, then they can get 10 of them before leaving the shop.

Equipment Tracking

This is something that I had worked with Cisco 15 years ago to solve. Unfortunately, back then, no one was interested.

Guess what, today the construction companies and hospitals are willing to pay for all that equipment that gets lost, misplace, or stolen. Why do they care now? Because they finally realize how much money they are losing and the lawsuits they get when they don’t have the equipment available at that minute. 

Sure, I was ahead of my time, but I remember how no one cared years ago. Not only that, they just blew it off like it was no big deal.

Also,. The tracking ships today are so much cheaper than they were 10 years ago. 

We have multiple technologies to track them. Like LoRaWAN is a key component in being the wireless solution. It is everywhere and we can build a private network or we can use a public LoRAWAN network. 

How awesome is that? Tracking and GPS and hotspots. 

This is often done As A Service. I already have a partner doing this. They are using for construction companies that lose everything from Core drills to bulldozers. That’s right, employees steel bulldozers!

Tracking can be anything like a small monitor in a hospital to a piece of heavy equipment in a construction yard. It’s for many different businesses, anything that can get lost or stolen. It can be using an indoor tracking system or an outdoor LoRAWAN system. 

This is a real service that few companies offer. 

What do you think?

Just some simple ideas that I have solutions to. I love this stuff and I hope to get businesses off the ground with this tech. 

Let me know what you think. or



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