Are you Smart On and Off the Job Site! (Don’t be dumb!)

Listen guys, I want to emphasize how important it is to be smart while working a job. I know accidents happen and sometimes it is out of your control. Just think about what you’re doing. Being a field worker, a tower climber, or anyone who will be out of town needs to be aware of what they are doing. Be smart on and off the job.

Many guys travel and like to go out after they finish. This is fine but be responsible! Remember that if you do something stupid it could come back to haunt you. If you don’t know where I am going with this then just follow along.

We may all go out of town and have a big night where everyone goes out and has too much to drink. This is OK if you don’t drive and you don’t ruin yourself for the following day. We probably have all done this at one time in our lives, but it’s smart if you can control yourself ahead of time. If you get a DUI that will greatly ruin your chances of employment if you need to drive. I know people that try to cheat the system but if you do it will probably catch up with you at some point. It’s your life, make good decisions. A DUI will definitely mess up your future possibilities for work, (think about it), you have just become a high risk.

Now, let’s say you did something stupid the night before and now you’re at the site and something happens. Let’s say that it’s not even your fault, someone hits your truck. Most places I have worked you need to go in for a pee test, looking for drugs and alcohol, within 4 hours of the accident. Well now it’s an issue that needs to be dealt with. How will you fair on the test? What if you do government work or are working at a school, say goodbye to that job.

I don’t just mean alcohol, I also mean don’t do drugs, even pot since most of you don’ think of it being so bad. Let me tell you why it’s bad, it stays in your system for a very long time. So if you have a blood test the next day, guess what, chances are you will be positive. In case you need a reminder, look at the article under this link,, and see what happened to that young man. I really don’t think the accident was his fault, but young Jay Guilford, (may he rest in peace), had an accident that could have happened to almost anyone in that position. His family didn’t get the money they should have because he made one terrible lapse in judgment, and it wasn’t on the tower, it was prior to even starting the climb. The blood test showed traces of Marijuana in his blood. What does this mean? This means his wife and kids really got screwed, just because of one large lapse of judgment, one mistake, one terrible error that he can’t take back. Now, everyone wished this wouldn’t have happened, but it did, no changing it. Let me tell you that this is a horrible part of the tower climber’s life that things like this could happen. For people that don’t climb let me explain to you that you don’t just go up a tower, you have to strap on 30 to 80 lbs of gear first, you make sure your safety gear is on you and most of us carried tools up the tower in pouches. Most old school climbers probably added up to 100 lbs on them for a quick job.

When working in the field we become cowboys, doing things that most people can’t or won’t do. For some reason the money we get paid goes down and down so that the people running the show have a better bottom line. With all of this going on, the system is in place and I don’t see it changing anytime soon. Just make sure that you have value, not only in your talent, but in your character! Your actions matter so know your limits and be responsible. I know we’re not all saints, but just don’t be stupid.

Listen guys, this is your life, not just your safety being a factor, but your professional lives are at stake! Be smart. If you get a DUI, that’s going to affect you in so many ways, let’s run through the problems. Work, can’t drive or you become a high risk, real black eye on the old career! Financially, big fines related to DUI. Personally, do you really think your family and friends are going to let it slide, especially if you need to bum a ride all the time? Personally, it will be a blow to your ego because you know it was a bad decision to begin with.

Listen guys, I know it’s hard with peer pressure but look at the big picture, look at your family and career, put some thought into that. I’m almost 50, I just want to pass along some helpful knowledge onto anyone who might benefit from it. Just think about it.

Remember, if you have comments or want to reach me, or go to wade4wireless on Facebook and Google+ and post a message or a picture. I would love to see some tower pictures of any kind! Let me know if you have some subjects you want me to cover or just say hi, I appreciate the messages I got so far.

Be smart, be safe, and care about yourself and what you’re doing. Don’t be dumb!



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