Character matters! Are you valuable to your employer? How about the next employer?

Hey guys. I wanted to ask you how your reputation is in the industry. Do you think that you’re respected? Let me tell you something, it takes time and it takes a lot of hard work. However, there is more to it than that. You need to know how to work smart and you need character.

Let me break it down. Character is more than your reputation among peers. What do you think coworkers think of you? Do you give them a reason to respect you? I’m not talking about being a nice guy, but being a good conscientious worker. Most people working in the field need to have good character because you are going to be left alone to work a specific job. People need to know they can trust you to complete a task, and do it right. If you can’t so something, do you know when to call for help? Calling for help is not a sign of weakness but it’s smart, just don’t do it first. Make an attempt to complete the task, as long as you don’t cause any damage and be safe! It pays to learn where to look for answers. I once worked for someone who told me that a good engineer may not have all the answers but they will know where to look for the answers.

Working smart is something that most people don’t do. I used to work hard but it took me years to figure out how to work smart. Remember that moving ahead is only good when you’re moving in a direction that takes you to your destination. When you take a wrong turn using your GPS it tells you to reroute, this is like you working to get done with the task but you need to make sure it’s the right task, not a waste of time. Now, it’s OK to go above and beyond! If you have an opportunity to get something done and do some extra work that will be noticed and appreciated by the customer or your pears, then all is good! These are the things that make you shine, and make people realize that your character is quite impressive.

So it all adds to your character, doesn’t it? Character matters. I hear people say that all the time but I know the people who I respect and they have a pretty good reputation. It takes some hard work and effort to get a good reputation in any industry. The hard work will build character. Remember that we all make mistakes, just make sure you learn from them.

This goes both ways, if your employer knows you are a great worker with great ideas but doesn’t recognize you or doesn’t pay you well, then move on. There are plenty of places that will appreciate you. I have been in situations where your boss doesn’t really care about you no matter how good you are but they just use and abuse you without rewarding you. This is common because some people want to just get as much out of someone without returning the favor. This is common, but you don’t have to put up with that, move on, others will see how good you are and hopefully someday you will work for someone who will not only pat you on the back but give you the recognition and pay you deserve. Don’t be afraid to look around. Build a profile on and get in on some groups that have RF Wireless jobs. Go on websites like and put your resume on there. If you need help with a resume let me know, I can help you out. If you get a phone interview remember to be humble but you need to let them know what project you worked on. Let them know what you did and where you want to go. Make sure the job aligns with your goals. Make sure you get paid and ask about benefits, it matters. Now is a great time to get a job where you want it.

Respect is huge, and it goes both ways, make sure you respect your employer, then built a business that has work for you and give you a paycheck that deserves some respect! Make sure you respect the customer because after all, without them you would not have a job. They will respect you if you do a good job and they will feel they need you if you do an excellent job! Go the extra mile if you can, it makes a difference to everyone. If they remember you for a job well done, great! If they forget you, then I guess you were OK. If they remember you for a bad thing, better think about what you’ve done and work to improve it!

Let me know what problems you have face, leave a message on this blog or contact me. I would like to hear back from you so I can share your problems and successes with the world. Leave a comment below and let me know how you feel. If you have pictures feel free to send them to me at or post them on (and send me a Like)  or on Google+ (and +1 me). Remember to let me know how I can help you out with advice or articles.


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