Future revenue for Tower workers as well as owners.

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This article shows us that not only the tower owner will profit but also how there will be more tower work coming up for the field workers in the near future. We all know that LTE is taking over. So what does that mean, the future will involve not only a change from 3G to 4G, ie LTE. When VoLTE takes over there will be a large effort to decommission the 3G gear. Think about it, that will be a lot of decommissioning and LTE work from all the carriers. If you do public safety then maybe the government will make a decision to actually build a public safety nationwide LTE system, but politics has put them about 5 years behind. So in 5 years Firstnet may make a decision to start. Then there will be more work out there. 

With all of this said, remember that for the larger deployments, small cells will take over to continue the expansion. Installing them will  not take nearly as long and will be a different skill set. It’s mounting it and using your fiber skills to terminate the connections. Chances are most of the antennas will be integrated so the installation will be straightforward. Not a lot of climbing involved there, more like mounting to a wall or a lamppost or a strand mount.


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