Looking for 2 Crew Leaders

Looking for 2 crew leaders! If you already have a crew to follow you, then we would accept that as well.

I have been in touch with a local union rep that is looking for 2 crew leaders to build two 4 man crews for a company in the union, IBEW local 229. That is located in York, Pa which is where you would be based, but location in negotiable if within a 2 hours of York. They are looking for seasoned climbers that are crew leaders. The candidates must have more than 4 years of experience in climbing and must have been a crew leader for more than 2 years. Looking for experience in hanging dishes, Remote Radio Heads, panel antennas, tower top steel work, tower hardware, working with a tight schedule, safety awareness, 10 hour OSHA safety training, Comtrain or equivalent training, interfacing with the customer/PM, ,and managing a crew of tower climbers. If you are not currently in the union then you would need to join. This can be set this up. Only reply to this if you are willing to join the union!

If you have a crew, 2 man or 4 man, then you would be considered as well. The goal is to build 2 crews with 4 people on each crew.

If you are interested then email me at wade4wireless@gmail.com to be considered. Include your resume, phone number, and email address. Please make a note of your LinkedIn address so we can look at that if you have one.

Social Media sites:

Twitter @Wade4Wireless





Wade Casual 5-17-2013


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