Responsibility Poll Results

Hello all,

I have the results of the poll. I wanted to share the results and I would like to thank all of you that voted. If you would like to continue to vote, go ahead. I would like to see if the results will change.

Popularity order:

1)      Every person onsite: The #1 answer and probably the most obvious. It makes you realize that all the people on the site need to work as a team to provide a very safe work environment for the team. I know you could have one rebel that thinks he can save time by taking shortcuts and put you at risk, please teach him to talk to the team. If you have a level-headed guy that can talk to him then we have a safe playing field again. Most of these crew talk to each other before doing anything big. Take time to talk because this is where the sanity will overcome craziness. Don’t be afraid to point out that something dangerous is stupid. We all think we have a better way but once we say it out loud to a fellow worker then we can begin to visualize what we are going to do and how it will turn out and all the risks involved. It pays to work as a team and discuss the plan prior to the action when working. Remember that we all need to work together and that a safe tower is a happy tower!

2)      The second most popular answer is the tower climber. Everyone is still looking at the guy in the air to do all that he/she can do to be safe. I think it also goes without saying that the climber needs to speak up if something is wrong. If this is you in the air, then it is up to you to point out the problems or safety issues you see. Team is the key but the individual is the front line. The guy in the air can usually see most of the problems, so the guy in the air will need to point it out to the team.

3)      Foreman is the 3rd most popular answer. Everyone looks to the leadership to stress the importance of safety. This is the person that will be the example and the voice to the team. Especially if it’s a younger crew, then the foreman will need to be the voice of experience as well as the provider of OJT common sense. Let the foreman/crew leader be the shining star of safety.

4)      Tower Crew owner is #4 – I think the people put the owner in here because this is the person that will provide all the safety gear. Here is where the official rules are set and the money is spent on training and safety gear. Again, a leadership position that is the example for the entire company and all the crews. The owner needs to set the policies that make sense and protect his crews. The owner will also set the expectations with the customer so realistic deadlines can be set and any possible problems may be brought to light. If the customer moves the deadline up then the crew should not have to take shortcuts to make that happen. The customer will have to be given the voice of reason, usually that is up to the owner to make that point with the customer. If something stupid is requested, then let them find someone stupid enough to do it. Don’t be stupid! 

This goes for everyone! If you can, make sure you let people know where you stand on any issue. It helps to talk things over with another worker and if you can discuss things with the most experienced person. You may have a better way to do things or that person may have done it that way already and point out the problems with doing it that way. It pays to talk to your fellow workers about the  alternative way to rig and install. We all get in a hurry, so don’t rush too much and forget to think. Even if you have done something a hundred times, it still pays to think it through.

I hope this helps you all on this holiday season. Be safe on and off the tower. On New Year’s Eve, remember not to drive if you are drinking. Be safe. Also think about the other drivers on the road if you are heading home after midnight. On the road, there are other stupid people who you have no control over. So be safe and cautious on that night.

I hope you all had a great Christmas! I hope you all have a great New Year!

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