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Ever see a cell tower burn?  I didn’t see any pictures but it was probably a monopole and it happened while someone was welding. It is not the first time and it probably won’t be the last. Here are videos on some burning,

Years after Mike Rongey fell, it was determined the chain mount was installed upside down, and yet there is no resolution to the case. No one admitting fault! Who do you think is at fault? Do we need a how to forum for this kind of thing? Should the tower owner keep better records of who installed what on the tower? Sprint won’t take any responsibility because they contracted the work out. The tower owner won’t take any responsibility. What do you think?? One more question then we can move on, do you feel OSHA did enough to resolve this? Read the article and let me know what you think should be held responsible.

Congratulations! Hubble foundation reached a milestone! I saw on Facebook that Gette Hester reached the goal of $905.00 that they we asking for. You see they were raising money for the Corky Lapham fund. Great job Gette!

Also, if you would like to help out Hubble and the fallen climbers, then buy a calendar, go to then to Donate/Store and then to Store or go to for more information.

OSHA news:

Deep freeze workers alert, (duh!).

A climber’s song and video for all of you climbers to look at, not bad and thank you Jeremy Ginnelly.

 I would love to hear more news and stories. If you would like to contact me then go to Social Media Sites:




Wade Casual 5-17-2013


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