Wireless anyone?


Did you ever read a wireless industry mag and it’s all about the devices. Oh sure, you read about the bandwidth and the coverage, but in the end there are a thousand articles on the device. You know, the iPhone, Droid, Windows OS made to run on a phone made by Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Nokia, Motorola, or someone else. Now with smartphones it is more about the app than it is the voice. I remember when a clear call mattered, now it’s all about connectivity and bandwidth. This drives our business and I’m grateful for it.

However, the one thing rarely mentioned in most of the mags or by anyone on TV is the wireless field worker. The wireless field force, the front line, the workers who so humbly work in the background. It’s like the soldier that risks his life so the general can shake the president’s hand. Hey, remember us? We’re the ones that go out in all kinds of weather to the cell tower or put up the small cell or install the Wi-Fi Access Point so you can look at your Facebook app and check in while at your favorite restaurant. Maybe most people don’t know about us, the engineers, the technicians, the climbers, and all the people that go out when the weather is bad so you can play your “Words with Friends” game with the guy 100 miles away.

Yup, it takes a team, a team of workers to bring that magnificent invisible signal to your little device in your hand. Without that you would have a paperweight or a flashlight. That RF signal is the first thing you will complain about when you can’t download angry birds in less than 1 minute. Let me tell you, it takes a long time to get that signal to your phone. Oh, I don’t mean after the system is up and running. I am talking about the FCC releasing the frequencies, the carrier paying a billion dollars for said frequency so they can spend another billion dollars to build the system that will bring it to you. Then, the deployment where the workers, as a team, get everything just right so you get that Tweet while your watching TV at night.

Just a reminder that we should all be thankful for the team that brought you the link that connects those wonderful devices, (that you can’t get enough of), to the internet.

I would like to thank all of my co-workers in the wireless field, it takes a team! No matter what carrier you have, we get the job done.

I would also like to again thank the Hubble foundation for all that they have done for the fallen climbers, see the link on the side to make a donation. Sometimes bad things happen, and they are there to support the ones left behind, thank you!


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