OSHA Recognizes Tower Climbing Industry and it’s Risks!

Hello all,

Did you see the video put out by Assistant Secretary Dr. David Michael? This is an important message because it shows that OSHA is recognizing climbing as valuable industry that has risks. Here it is if you missed it, http://youtu.be/SrHS6ceqIgQ.  It shows me that this industry will not be ignored. This message should resonate with all of the climbers out there because someone is going to look into the tragedies and then pay attention to the culture in the industries. He mentions that they are going to look into business practices and companies to make sure that safety practices are not just recommended but required to do work.

They have created the web page, https://www.osha.gov/doc/topics/communicationtower/index.htmlso show they are taking it seriously. I, for one, am happy that OSHA is working with NATE to make the industry safer. We should not have to learn the hard way! We should have proper processes in place that support safety.

Dr Michael made a comment that he is looking for proper processes, that email address is oshacommtower@dol.gov for those of you who didn’t take the time to look it up. If you are a tower company owner, or a safety manager, or anyone who can make a difference please send your successful practices to OSHA to give them recommendations on what should be done in the industry.

If you send them a procedure, make sure you look locally but also thing of the big picture. I would like to see more safety attachments to the towers placed there by the tower owners. There are simple things we can do to make the climber’s life easier. There are things the climber will need to be responsible for to make work easier and safer. We all need to work together at our job but someone will need to look at the big picture to make sure that globally safety practices have synergy. We all need to work together.

Thank you Assistant Secretary Dr. David Michaels for taking the time to address the issues in the tower industry and thank you OSHA for recognizing this industry and making an effort to improve it.

If anyone has any feedback, feel free to let me know what you think, either way, if you think this will be a great improvement or not. Reach me at wade4wireless@gmail.com or on  Facebook or in the comments section below. Give me your feedback. Don’t be shy, you would be quick to tell me what you think at a tower site, right?

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