My new book, coming soon – Tower Climbing: An Introduction!

Hello all,

I often receive emails from newer climbers. They are looking for information on the field they have entered. Many don’t have the experience or the know how yet because they are new. They only know what their boss has told them. I want to do something to help the newbie out. So I thought I would put a book together.

I was thinking about how I could help the up and coming climbers out there. I thought maybe I could put a book out for the greenhorns. I really want to get someone starting out in this industry on the right path. So I got my notes together and concentrated on what I thought a new climber would need to know. Yes, I included some safety information, it makes sense. I also wanted to let them know about the other aspects of the job. How to identify what they will need and some of the tools they will need and use in the field. I included come common paperwork that most of us are required to complete or follow to get the job done. Finally I added in some hazard assessment information. I want these people to start out on the right track. This is something that I don’t see much of.

I thought by giving some introduction so that they can look at the job before getting in too deep it might help. I also want them to have something in case they get hired by someone who just gives them a climbing belt and sends them off to the field. I want you to be prepared for what you may need.

I hope this helps you or someone you know understand what is involved in the job. I didn’t write it to be a guide, your company should be giving you direction. This is the knowledge to help you understand what to expect and what your company may be missing.

Tower Climbing: An Introduction!

I plan to write a series of books but this is a start. I should have it out next week in PDF format.


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