Preliminary book release, “Tower Climbing: An Introduction”

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I am still going through the editing process, which apparently takes a very long time. So I posted a preliminary version of the book tonight. I plan to release in Kindle form once the editing is completed. Here is the link to the PDF copy.

Tower Climbing: An Introduction

The great thing is I can update it and get it out to all of you as it is updated. Feedback appreciated! 

Are you thinking of becoming a Tower Climber? This book will give you an introduction to the job and the industry. You will learn what you will be doing on the job and what tools you will use on the job. You will learn about the tasks required to be successful. You will not learn rescue just yet, that should be up to your employer and it’s more than just a chapter. The value of this book lies in you, your desire to be ready to work. Your desire to perform. You will go into the business with an overview of the job and the industry. This only touches the surface, but it’s enough that information to help you understand the basics.

I put this together so you add value from day one. I wrote this book for anyone who might be thinking about becoming a tower climber. So many climbers just jump into it without putting any thought into the actual job. I am hoping to put this together for people to get familiar with some of the terms, hardware, and risks involved in this job. It is not for the faint of heart but for someone who can work in any weather conditions at great heights with just your safety harness, a lanyard, and a piece of steel holding you high up in the air.

I wrote this to prepare you, the reader, for this career. I don’t want to scare you but to point out the risks. If it is too dangerous for you to go, then don’t enter this line of work. You need to understand what it takes to do this and what the risks are. I am writing this so you can be educated before getting in too deep. You will gain the knowledge to know what job it going to be.


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