RF Personal Monitors and RF Protective Clothing for Climbing

Hello all,

I was talking to some people involved with Safety in the industry and I stumbled across this. I am putting together some information concerning RF safety and I found this. I was looking at http://safetyoneinc.com/blog/ when I came across this video where they test the RF Frequency Personal Monitors. Go to http://youtu.be/h45cW35jw7U and watch this video. It is a great source if you’re interested in the RF monitors. Just remember that a good monitor is not cheap! Spoiler alert, Narda appears to be awesome! While you’re at it take a look at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IM8PCunjLow&feature=share&list=UU14zXvwpu6e6HFWwwfDZlkg&index=3 and see if you really need the RF Personal Monitor.

While I was looking at videos, I also came across this, an RF Clothing video. It is worth a look. Go to http://youtu.be/bu9GoYfI1hwand take a look. This is from 2012 but a good reference. I can’t believe this video on has 217 views. Get out there and look at it climbers! Educate yourselves today! If you need to climb with this gear, practice with it first! Don’t go crazy and wait until you are at the site. You should be comfortable in the gear. It may be hot but if you’re required to wear it then you should know how to wear it prior to the climb. Remember to plan ahead, plan out your climb. Think before you climb. These are really coveralls with a whole more on you. If you know you need this then you know that not having it could cause damage to your body, short-term and long-term. The best tool you have is your body so take care of it.

I know it seems like I am throwing all of you at RF Solutions, but you have to admit these are good videos. They really aren’t selling you anything, just teaching us all what we should know in the field.

Shameless book plug! I put this book together to give the greenhorn an introduction to tower climbing. If you plan to bring someone new to climbing onto your crew then at least have the courtesy to give them the information needed on the job site.  It is still in the editing process, when it’s finished I will send anyone who bought it an updated version. I plan to raise the price because someone told me to, but not until I get the final version out there. Go to https://gum.co/mNGSlS.


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