Man Rescued from Cell Tower

I didn’t have time to get this out yesterday so here it is. A guy was stuck in Charlotte on a tower and for some reason his work mates didn’t rescue him but the fire company had to come and lift him up and help him down. Video below.

He was 150’ up in the air hanging from a platform in his harness. His safety harness held him in place until the fire department climbed up and then helped him down. The guy was just hanging there waiting for help. Any input would help.




  1. You should be carefull to judge your fellow tower hands without knowing the total story. Lets not do as the news and every one else does and jump to conclusions. First off both climbers have over a year of experience and are both rescue and comm certified. Fire department was called by the lead tech on the ground to have emergency services ready on the ground to check him once he was down to make sure that the blood did not rush back to his heart and kill him. The fire department was one block away they where on site before the lead was off the phone with 911 and refused to let him perform his own rescue. Because of there training and knowledge and dedication to following safety protocol the climber went home with no injuries kissed his kids and was back at work two days later. Local OSHA claims agents have now ask for this company to come teach them about comm training and rescue training as all of there records and training certs and re certs are above and beyond what is asked of the industry. If you would like any other information feal free to contact me at I know them and there company very well.


  2. I am speechless, watching this I am in dis-belief. Thank you to those fireman that put their life in harms way to aid in this rescue that should have been accomplished by the crew there at the scene. Was this person really trained, does he know that he is suppose to have another qualified climber with him? What did the company have to say, they are after all accountable for their personal. This was wrong from the start and thankfully no one was critically injured in this wreck less accountability of a company “sending professionals” for this job.

    Kenon T. Isabel..


  3. I think we would be amazed or maybe better appalled at the crews that don’t have rescue training… climbing training but not rescue training. Up to the person in charge of the site or specifically job, to have competent & qualified people on site to do the necessary.


  4. Why there was not an in house rescue, I do not know. The crew lead should be ashamed of himself. If he was on site by himself would be the only reason. If this is the reason his company should still be ashamed. If there was a Crewleader there should be action against this man. I would love the Crewleader name so we can all steer clear of this “Towerhand”.


      • Thats the most piss poor excuse for tower hands I have ever seen in the 37 yrs in the business to let their fellow crew member hang their like a peice of meat on a hook and not go get the guy back up to the work platform !!! As far as I see it none of the men on site should have even been there if they did not know how to rescue anyone, did they not have any ComTrain training ?…………………….Jeff Bookout Pensacola Tower Service LLV


      • You really have to wonder what his work mates were thinking. Why didn’t they help? What was going on there? I would liek to find out.


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