Climber injured in partial fall!

There is a new link here.

I just heard about a climber that was injured when he climbing up the pegs and slipped, falling 15 to 20’, hit the tower, was knocked unconscious and suffered a shoulder injury. He was saved by his cable grab. He was about 125’ up the tower according to spokesman Captain Tommy Rutledge, hanging unconscious by his rope. Colleagues called 911. From what I read he regained consciousness and climbed down to a lower platform. After the ladder truck was unable to reach him, the fire rescue team climbed the tower, about 100’, and did the patient assessment at that height. Then he was safely lowered down and taken to Gwinnett Medical Center.

Thank God he is alive! I am not sure what happened but for now let’s just give thanks that this ended with the climber living to see another day!




  1. Thanks Wade:

    I am working on 2010 case where an experienced tower climber with good habits fell 40 ft to the ground under below-freezing conditions. He was adding supports to tower leg sections as the capacity of the tower was increased.

    What kind of glove provides arc flash protection plus warmth plus dexterity to deal with carabiner gates without snagging. Or is it normal to change out gloves when moving to come down after 6 hour stint? Thanks Wade



    • Nigel,
      Great point, To me it was normal to change out gloves. I know in the winter I would carry several gloves up the tower with me when I climbed. One to climb, one to do the work, usually very thin, and a heavy pair of mittens to keep my hands warm while waiting for the ground crew to do something. I didn’t weld on the tower but I think they would have to be prepared in the same way. To me, having a set up gloves to match what you are doing is critical.
      I hope that helps.


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