Tower Climbers: where do you look for work? Survey time!

Hey Tower climbers, where would you look for work?

I have another survey that I want you to complete. Survey is at the bottom if you refuse to read anymore! I have a podcast or download. I have a post on how to build your resume from LinkedIn here.  Remember, if you like the podcast just search for Wade4Wireless on iTunes and hit subscribe.

Guys, I have so many people coming to me for 2 reasons, they need climbers or a climber needs work. I try to help by posting. Where would you go to find a job? A website, well which one? Do you ask someone? Do you go to Facebook and put the word out? Let me know. I have several websites listed.

I know there are so many companies that need people. I know there are so many people looking for work. So what is the issue here? Why can’t we connect? There are so many sites out there that allow you to post your resume. You can go to LinkedIn, Facebook, or maybe go on a Tower Group and look for work. What about RCR, that shows jobs offered by and on a daily basis if you get their emails. There is the company I talk to once in a while, which is also if you’re interested. There is also for anyone looking. There are many more, I see climbing jobs on Twitter and Craigslist all the time. I know that if you go to Wireless Estimator at and you can see the hiring tracker they have, which is really cool! They do have a job listing at as well.

So there you have it, plenty of places to look for work. Do you use them all? Are you actively looking. When did you last look? If you go on Facebook you will see so many larger companies looking for climbers. Just to name a few, Mastec, Blue Stream, BIG Wireless, Super Nova Telecom, Atlantic Tower Services, Goodman Networks, and so many more. If I missed your company, sorry, but so many people are looking. Remember that just because a company is hiring doesn’t mean it’s a great place to work!

So why are there so many people looking? Could it be the price they are willing to pay. I would say that is a big part of it. The industry has so many black eyes, and I don’t just mean for safety. I hear many stories about no payment. Which, if you have a few of those stories let me know so I can write about them. Let me know by emailing me or get be on Facebook.

Did you update your resume? Do you have a cover letter? Do you call everyone? What would you do first? Well, you had better have a resume with all of your certifications listed. Make sure you have them someplace where they stand out. If a computer scans your resume it will look for your certifications. In the old days someone would read your resume, today, who knows. It all depends on the company. If a head hunter is recruiting you then you may not even get past the verification process if you don’t clearly identify the certifications. Are you on LinkedIn? Many companies are looking there before they hire. Do you have references listed?



  1. I have found a few jobs on they I listed my info and have been contacted by firms looking for climbers.


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