A Few Notes, Questions, and Thank You Gette!

Hello all,

Follow this on the Blog Cast Podcast here or download it here. I talk about more on the podcast. I have been busy and I have so many things I want to get out there but this week I am overwhelmed so it’s a short blog today.

So this week I have been busy trying to align some interviews with some people about the RF radiation issues I have been talking about. It takes time and I just can’t seem to get them aligned just yet. I am also reaching out to get more information on Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. If you know of another subject I should be talking about let me know. I know we are all awaiting an update from OSHA on the tower climbing standards they said they would add. This is something that I personally can’t wait to see. Below I mention some things that were important to me. I put in some Amazon affiliate links to show each of you the books. You can buy it wherever you like.

By the way, let’s all thank Dr Gette Hester for the outstanding work she is doing at www.hubblefoundation.org and the appreciation that FOX 54 is showing her, http://www.fox54.com/story/25755959/local-non-profit-provides-support-to-families-of-cell-tower-accidents if you have time. I have a signed copy of her book Godwink, On the Wings of Butterflies, and I just loved it! It is not for the faint of heart, OK? It starts out with the accident and talks about her feelings as well as what happened to those people on the tower. Gette is an awesome person! Thank you Gette for your work and thank God for you! By the way, Gette looks great on TV!

Hey tower climbers, did you fill out my survey at http://wp.me/p3OC6A-hS so I know how you look for work? Let me tell you why I want to know, so when all of you come to me asking for work I can tell you what to do. Now it’s a crap shoot. None of you really ask for websites but you ask who is hiring. I can only speculate and try to find a good fit. I hope all of you get work and learn more at each job!

I know I have said it before but I am reading a good book, The Tower Builder by Vicky Kaseorg, which is now $7.99. It’s really about climbers and some classic towers and tower companies. It’s about the tower climbing industry from an outsider’s perspective but with several insiders talking her through the process and history of tower building.

I just saw a new book written by Adam Beck called 7 Knots and Hitches, Rigging Antennas & Lines, it’s a hard copy that you can take with you and it’s for the tower industry. I didn’t buy it yet, but I plan too soon. I know you guys love knots and it seems everyone needs to learn about knots.

Hey, if you’re just starting out then take a chance and read my book, Tower Climbing: An Introduction to learn what you are in for. I wanted to give new climbers an idea of what the job will have in store for them. I also came out with a Field Worker’s Aid if you’re interested.

Are you looking out for your coworker? With all of the near miss accidents that the fire department is being called. I am thankful for no tower climber deaths in the past few months, thank you for taking the time to be safe. Remember that it’s a team effort and that you need to keep an eye on each other to make sure that there is something that the other guy may have missed. Remember that God is watching but God won’t catch you! You need to make sure that the accident doesn’t happen in the first place! This is a brotherhood where all of you need to look out for each other at the job site. Watch over your coworker like his life depended on it. Would you want him or her to do the same? I know that there have been some near misses that the fire companies have been rescuing people. So here is where I need your feedback. We used to rescue people that were stuck on a tower ourselves, but lately the fire companies are the key people and I am grateful that they are here to help. I am curious if there is a change in policy that won’t allow climbers to rescue their own. Does anyone know? Let me know by email at wade4wireless@gmail.com or Facebook or in the comments section.

That’s it for this week, so be smart, be safe, and don’t be stupid!


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