OSHA RFI Response for Suitability for Work

If you didn’t do it yet, complete the OSHA RFI, it is easy and OSHA values your response. I’m tired of hearing you complain, now is your chance to make a difference. OSHA doesn’t listen you say, maybe you are not complaining to the right people! Here is your chance. If you disagree with what I say, and then tell OSHA what the right thing to do it, it is very easy!

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I uploaded my comments to the Wireless Estimator page this morning. I am writing this on April 25, 2015. Did you respond yet?

dog-tags_clearbackgrondLook up my answers on Wireless Estimator OSHA RFI site by searching for Wade4Wireless or Wade Sarver. Go ahead, log in and look around, see what others have said, that is what I am doing. Click on the view comments to see what others have done.

Here is how I responded to the 2 questions for Suitability for work.  (Short and sweet today!)

  1. Are employees directly engaged in tower work assessed for physical fitness? If so, how? Are physical fitness requirements and assessments addressed in contracting agreements?
    • Not in most cases, many are just asked if they can climb and asked to do a drug test.
    • What should be offered is a complete physical because this is a physical job that requires endurance.
  1. What physical limitations should employers be aware of when assigning an employee communication tower work? What hazards might be associated with such limitations, and how could those hazards be mitigated?
  • It’s a physical job requiring strength, sight, hearing, and common Tower Worker Logbook Offersense. If an employee is short any one of those qualities then there is danger to that person and the workmates. If all the physical parts are intact then the common sense can be taught through apprenticeship and experience.

FYI – 2015 USA OSHA Stand Down May 4th to May 15th!

The thing that I didn’t address here is the common sense value, the figure thing out value, and the emotional stability factor. These are all factors that could affect the worker’s effectiveness at the site. I speak more about it on the podcast.

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Be smart, be safe, and pay attention!

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