Water Tank Painter Dies and other Tower Top News!

Climb forward climbers! Let’s all deploy wireless! Thanks to Tower Safety Inc. for all of their support and sponsorship!
Breaking news! Water tower painter dies in fall! New is here. This is very sad that anyone had to fall this year. While not doing antenna or tower work, this is very sad and my sympathies go out to the families. Link below.






FYI – 2015 USA OSHA Stand Down May 4th to May 15th!

Click here for OSHA Stand Down page!

dog-tags_clearbackgrondGuess what! FirstNet Releases RFP! It is a draft RFP so they can figure out what to do, how to build, and how to sustain it. I know that $7 Billion sounds like a lot of money, but it’s not enough to deploy a system to cover 95% of the continental US and all of its territories. Links below.

Look out for my safety initiative coming out soon!

OSHA news! In 2013 4,585 workers died on the job due to unsafe working conditions! Believe it or not that number is lower than 1970!
Do you log your climbing and driving time? Do you log your work Tower Worker Logbook Offertasks and projects and locations? Well why not? It may mean the difference between proving you did the work or not. It may mean that your employer does not understand how much you climb. You need to have a record of it so keep a daily log. Click on the link below to gain more knowledge! Get the template to get started by clicking the link below.
http://wadesarver.com/tower-worker-logbook/SOW Training Cover
Do you know how to read your scope of work (SOW)? Do you understand what to do on the job site? Are you being asked to write a SOW? If so, then get some training! Link is below!

What do you think about all of this? Tell me how your company will honor OSHA stand down week!


See what you can learn! Click here for more information!

Be smart, be safe, and pay attention!

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