Do You Want to Improve Climber Safety? Apparently Not!

You know, somebody should do something to improve the industry, If only you had a say! Wait, you do have a say, don’t you! I was reading an article on Wireless Estimator about the RFI response and how response is poor at best, article found here. Wireless Estimator OSHA RFI entry website found here.

My responses are here, take a look! Download it.

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If you completed the RFI response, than thank you and you‘re a shining credit to the safety of the tower industry! It shows that you care and that you want to make a change for the better in the industry. Way to go! If you didn’t, then read on!

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Are tower climbers deadbeats? I would bet most people reading this would say no, and yet all you had to do is respond to the OSHA RFI, but you were too busy doing something more important, like shaving your back! 38 questions were there to be answered; some specifically asking for the tower climber’s opinion, but you didn’t have time to type out a few sentences, did you? You will quick to bitch about conditions and pay, but you could take the 30 minutes or so to even look at the first section of the RFI. I am only disappointed with the slackers!

Worried about the deadline, well don’t,  just respond today, tonight, tomorrow morning, but don’t wait any longer!

Most of you that didn’t answer probably spend a lot of time on Facebook complaining or posting rude pictures, so why not do something to help the industry?

All you had to do was answer some questions, but were you too busy or too lazy!

All you had to do was log into Wireless Estimator and answer the questions, but you didn’t do it.

What was more important? Was it that TV show you were watching at night?

You know, I put a lot of effort into writing these blogs so help people, but you’re too busy to let OSHA know where the tower climber needs help.

Maybe we’re fine, maybe the tower industry is fine. Maybe all that most climbers are worth are $10/hour to risk their lives. Maybe all the mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, wives, husbands, boys, and dog-tags_clearbackgrondgirls that lost a family member mean nothing to you. it wasn’t you that got hurt, only a fellow worker in the wireless industry. A brother or sister that does the same job as you, a fellow elevated worker, someone who has a family who may never climb again, may never work again, or may never get to kiss their loved ones goodnight again. Once they are gone, it takes away everything, all they ever had and all they ever will have.

I hear so many of you complain, here is your chance to do something and most of you just won’t. Are you lazy, that is how I see it if you didn’t fill out part of this. Maybe it is a lack of commitment. Maybe you want to see your fellow workers get hurt, after all, doing nothing is like letting people die, so why not just sit back and hope that it’s not you or your work mates that die.

This is my plea for help, this is me asking you to get off of your lazy ass and do something. Complete the RFI response. Go to my blog here for instruction on what to so. The sooner the better!

Did you do it? Are you done? I didn’t say it would be quick or easy, but it needs to be done.

You know what, if you’re not going to do it, then maybe we should just continue to blame the climbers for all the faults, after all, most of you are not motivated to change anything. Complacency is the problem, and if you look in the mirror you will see the problem if you choose to do nothing.

Just remember what that you could have done something, and you chose not to. Way to go slacker!

Did you do the right thing? Let me know today!

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Be smart, be safe, pay attention, and complete the RFI!

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  1. Those of us in the broadcast industry since the early 70s, and later in the wireless industry, can tell you that the increase of tower climbing regulations produced an increase of accidents and deaths. Why? Misplaced focus. The more synthetic regulatory focus distracts from the natural human discernment for self-protection. This is the dirty truth of tower safety and all the bureaucratic parasitical regulatory people who are born to seek easy jobs and careers regulating the lives of everybody else with substance-less hoops through which to jump which not only increases accidents and deaths but erodes profits.


    • Thanks for the input. I see what you are saying. Do you feel we are better off now or before OSHA? I really think OSHA serves a purpose, but I agree that regulation causes problems. There has to be balance.


  2. FYI I did not even know about this till today due to me just checking out RCR from time to time. And am sure most of the guys i work with don’t even know about the questions on making this a better industry for us the Tower Climbers, I think i know why, It don”t benefit the company’s to have there guys answer these questions. Having said that WE NEED A TOWER CLIMBERS UNION!! Does the survey ask this? Its funny how you call us names when we had no clue. You must have talked to the company owners.


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