Goodbye Motorola and Other Communication Companies

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I have been working in wireless for over 25 years and it has been anything but stable. If you think your company will be around forever, then good luck. I hope it is because many smaller companies have been around a long time. If you are with a larger company, then you never know what will happen. I do know that leadership plays a big part of success no matter how large the company is. GM was once the largest auto company in the world, and thanks to the US government they continue to be a powerhouse. I don’t see the government saving many other industries, but they saved Chrysler and GM. Ford didn’t take the handout after all and Chrysler paid the loan back in full and early. 

Today I found a tribute to Motorola on Chicago Tribune that I thought I would share. It reminds me of many American companies that grew to amazing size only to collapse. Some collapse quickly, remember AMP? They were taken over by Tyco who immediately seemed to sell them off piece by piece. Then there was Lucent who “merged” with Alcatel. Now that company is being taken over by Nokia, which it is actually a take over so we will see what happens. So the names Alcatel and Lucent will probably fade into oblivion over the next 5 years. If you are in paging you may remember Pagenet or TSR Paging or Metrocall or Mobile Media. All gone. If you are into cellular, remember 360 Communications or Cell One (Cellular One is still around but I believe that Cell One was the carrier). Even GTE was big at one time until they got absorbed, like all the Bell companies the government broke up only to see many of them merge again. 

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I don’t know how much more will change, but I know that change is the only constant. Here is the link to the Chicago Tribune that will walk you through the demise of Motorola. 

Click here for the full story.

Click here for the slide show click to hear the audio and advance the slides by scrolling down or clicking the dots on the extreme right..

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  1. It just gets frustratingly exhausting watching the business minds build them, and the corporate minds destroy them,one after another..


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